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GEK Gasifier


GEK gasifier, version 4.x series

Current Assembly and Fabrication Instructions

GEK Level IV Kits (fabrication complete, ready for final assembly)

Version 4.x

GEK Level III Kits (you weld and assemble)

Version 4.x GEK Level III Kit

GEK Level I, CAD Files

Version 4.0 Note:  many users have found that obtaining the long list of required fittings, tubes, insulation, and other unusual parts in small quantities is not cost effective compared to ordering a kit. Also, the plans have many parts that need to be rolled into cones or tapered shapes. Most metal shops will not roll sheet metal into cones or tapers because the procedure requires calibrating the roller to the cone, is very error prone, and is rarely done correctly on the first try. The drawings are legacy material that we leave available for enthusiasts, but most people, the kits listed above are more appropriate. We do not sell individual components of the kits. We also do not offer tech support for the legacy CAD drawings. GEK Level I: CAD Files thumbnail image

Components, Assemblies, Accessories, Add-Ons, Projects, and References

Scaling up the GEK

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