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Put a gasifier in your Baja beach cabana.  Or in your back-to-school backpack.  Yes, it’s the first ever (and maybe annual) APL “End of Summer / Back to School 10% Off Sale” on all things Biomass Thermal Conversion.

The rules are simple.  Buy anything between now and the end of August and take 10% off our already too low purchase prices (shipping stays the same).  This can be just a cyclone kit, or an assembled Level IV GEK, or a full Tower of Total Thermal Integration solution.  Or, just a GCU.  Well, it can be the new “Biochar Experimenter’s Kit” too.  It just has to be a new order, not one already in progress, or currently waiting in the production and shipping queue.

So if you have been hovering around a decision for a bit, the next 4 days are a good time to bring your deliberations to fruition.  Go to the usual GEK purchase page (, assemble your combination of needs and desires, and take 10% off the tally when you get to the paypal screen.

While you are considering this possibility, here is a very interesting image of a running GEK taken with a thermal imaging camera at West Point Military Academy.  Unfortunately, 10% off still doesn’t render these cameras affordable, even if we had them to sell.  More info on the particulars of the image here:


There’s also lots of interesting things going on in the forum these days.  Come take a look and hang out with your fellow gasifier geeks at:


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