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 -FastCompany Magazine, discussing APL’s Power Pallet:
“The most important and transformative energy product no one has heard of”

That’s the headline from a news article about APL that just landed on newstands around the world. APL has been busy for the last five years, so busy we haven’t been talking to the media much. Well, now it seems they’re coming to us.

FCfront 2

Fast Company magazine, which chronicles the technology and culture of Silicon Valley and the new digital economy, just published a large story about APL–all about our work, how we got started, and where we’re going:



From the story: “an elegant solution: You take the waste of photosynthesis, which is abundant and free, and convert it to a form compatible with internal combustion engines, which are abundant and very cheap. When done cleanly, gasification’s only by-products are exhaust and a degraded charcoal that is easily sequestered back into the ground–where it happens to be a great fertilizer.”

For those who have been following us for a while, we think you’ll enjoy reading this and these other stories. And in next week’s APLnews, we’ll be sharing more, like making ice from coconuts in the Phillipines using a Power Pallet.

Other Coverage
Below are links to other recent coverage of our work you may find of interest:

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