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First v5.0 Gasifier Power Pallets go into service
Make electricity during national energy crisis in Liberia

The first two v5.0 GEK gasifier Power Pallets were installed last week in Liberia, as part of the larger Liberia Center for Biomass Energy project. It has two key components: provide training, to build capacity for a broader rollout of  biomass energy in Liberia, and of course generate renewable energy on demand.

That second need was brought into sharp relief during the installation last week, as a nationwide diesel shortage began closing businesses, hospitals, and even shutting off the national radio broadcasting company.

The trip began with a USAID-organized workshop in the capital Monrovia on turning waste palm products ( like palm kernel shells ) into energy–over 70 small holder farmers, businesses, and aid workers attended.

We then shipped the Power Pallets to their final location for testing and installation. On the day we brought unit #2 online, the school was largely shut down–no diesel was available for their generators–so when the Power Pallet first started making energy and the entire building was lit up,   there was a big cheer from the student operators.

Then they qucikly shifted gears;  a raft of mobile phones and laptops appeared and were plugged in, charging up while power was available. It was a stark reminder of the importance of energy, and how biomass gasification can deliver it where and when needed.
To discuss your project and how a Power Pallet might meet your energy needs, please contact us.
We’re hiring:

three new positions available.

APL is growing again, with three new positions we need to fill. Details below, women especially encouraged to apply.

All are here at our headquarters in Berkeley, CA, where it is currently 65 and sunny, as it is almost every day of the year.

1) Global Sales Specialist, Central and South America. Responsibility for one of our fastest growing regions. Spanish  language skills a must. Details here.

2) Electrical Systems Manager.  Full range of systems design, engineering, and implementation. Details here.

3. Director of Product Support
Help manage and coordinate service to our global network of customers and Authorized Representatives. Details here.


Got Corn? Give us a call


We’re currently doing a lot of testing on corn cobs as a fuel source, and running into a problem with the weather. Not here–the heartland.

Everywhere we would normally get them is buried in snow, not crops. That’s left us just about used up our on-hand supply of corncobs.

If you know where we can get ahold of some corn cobs, please drop us a line:




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