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ALL Power Labs will be running our latest model Power Pallet, a PP30 v2.01 at The Verge Climate Tech Event being held at the San Jose Convention Center from October 25th – 27th. We’ll be set up outside at the Innovation Plaza on San Carlos St. and providing the base-load power for the microgrid that provides all the electricity used on the display floor by exhibitors as well as on the main stage.

We make continuous improvements to our technology and this PP30 has numerous innovations adopted in this version 2.01. All PP30’s now include as standard equipment DeepSea DSE8610 MKII grid-tie controllers and two-stage CHP system that can output 50 kW of thermal energy. They now feature improved thermal integration and filtration system using a self-cleaning bag-house filter with an ECU-controlled producer-gas heat exchanger that prevents tar and H2O condensation downstream in the filters and engine. We are also on the verge of a production release of our containerized 130 kW Power Pallet Hybrid Biomass Microgrid and Chartainer whose development have been made possible by generous grants from the California Energy Commission. The CEC has been a particularly active collaborator in the development of our newest products.

The biochar byproduct of the PP30s and the high-volume output of the Chartainer are becoming more and more valuable aspects of our business model. The IPCC has identified biochar as a Negative Emission Technology (NET). The high temperatures (~1000º C) reached within our reactors create particularly high-quality biochar, and we carefully tweak our reactors to assure our biochar has the most beneficial characteristics.. We also reduce our footprint and land-use impacts by only using waste feedstock locally sourced from forestry communities, urban green waste yards, and urban farms. Our LCN project then distributes our biochar to local community gardens, urban farms, and home gardeners, closing a tight, highly efficient, and localized system of carbon drawdown.

Key QualitiesValueResults
High Carbon ContentHigher Carbon Removal85% – 95%
High DurabilityH:C Ratio<0.2
   B100% Carbon 100 years>80%
Low PAHVery lean<30 mg/kg
(Lab Test Results)

The current Verge Microgrid is the world’s largest temporary microgrid and for which we supply the base-load power. For 2022 this latest iteration of microgrid will include Li-ion battery storage, a variety of photovoltaic systems, and the latest microgrid controllers. Verge has assembled the largest temporary microgrid in the world using off-the-shelf products to demonstrate the availability today of efficient, cost-effective distributed-energy solutions, a effort central to the mission and close to the heart of everyone at APL.

We have been part of powering this Verge event for many years. We ran one of our v4 PP20s to power the first microgrid assembled for Verge in San Francisco in 2013.

Microgrids can help resolve some of the difficult issues with grid tying small generators like the Power Pallet by avoiding major utility grid connections all together and thereby avoiding all of their regulatory hurdles, scheduled brown outs, and interdependencies. Microgrids, by virtue of their size and organization, can be much more nimble and localized, immune from the vagaries of large complex utilities, and can easily be composed of all renewable power generation.

There will be tours of the microgrid system and we will have our PP30 running at our booth at the microgrid site staffed with members of our team who would love to answer your questions. Do you know the way to San Jose?

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