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We currently have 50 people reserved for the 60 spaces we can support for the workshop weekend at ALL Power Labs.  Thus if you want to make quick last minute plans, we still have a bit of space.  If you have rsvp’ed and will not actually be joining us, do tell.  Most of the rsvp’s are listed in the forum here: .

We are excited to once again have people coming from all over the place.  As far as the UK, Philippines, Mexico and Italy.  Even Alabama, if you can imagine that!   It is a great mix of DIYers, Academics, Entrepreneurs and off-gridders.   The weekend promises to be highly informative as well as highly entertaining once again.

We’ve put together 5 parallel projects or tracks for the weekend.  It is difficult for 60 people to stand around the same thing at the same time, so we’re going to have 5 separate things going on simultaneously all weekend, between which you can wander, ponder and participate.  You do not need to choose between these.  Everyone can participate in all of them.

Here’s the projects, with the person(s) who will lead them:

1. 10kw Gasifier-Genset building, configuration and automation solutions:  Bear Kaufmann
2. BEK Muti-mode biochar making and testing: Jim Mason, Jessica Hobbs,
3. GEK Manufacturing and Fabrication: Abram Yocum and Nick Binbeutel
4. GEK Variations, Add-ons and Customizations: Jay Hasty
5. Lister 6/1 spark conversion for wood gas: Darrel Licks, Ken Boak

If you still want to join us, please follow the instructions below.  The original note with the details on the workshop, and what you need to do to attend, is here:

See many of you soon.


2 Responses

  1. I missed going to the February 2010 workshop …… when is the next workshop being held?

    1. We haven’t confirmed at date yet. Most likely by 2nd week in April we will have the information posted about the next workshop.

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