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Village Hub, Suliwesi, Indonesia – Apr. 2012

The Masarang Foundation Integrated a PP10 Power Pallet into their sustainable Village Hub system for palm sugar harvesting on the Island of Suliwesi in Indonesia. This pilot project is located next to a palm sugar factory which uses waste geothermal heat from a 35 MW geothermal plant to dry and prepare palm sugar. This sugar is prepared from the sap of the Arenga Palm which can be processed into sugar and ethanol. The Arenga palm can grow on poor soils, allowing deforested areas to be reforested, acting as a nurse tree to re-introduce more diverse species. The Village Hub concept is to……

Malawi Field Report, Microgrids, New Upgrades, and more

 Replaceing Diesel with Biomass–making it happen in MalawiThe Chelinda Lodge, like many remote eco-resorts, faced enormous costs getting diesel to their location above Nyika ridge. With costs reaching more than $.50 cents USD per kilowatt hour, they could only afford to run their generator four hours a day on diesel. But working in partnership with […]

Gasification Workshop Weekend Aug 9-11: APL 5th Anniversary Celebration, AR training, Reports from the field

Gasification PowerExchange Workshop #13:  August 9-11, 2013Gasification Workshop Weekend:  APL 5th Anniversary Celebration, AR training, Reports from the field. Gasification Lecture and Demo: Friday, 4:00-6:00PMAPL 5th Birthday Party: Friday, 7:00-10:00pmHands-on programs: Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 7pmAuthorized Representative info seminar and dinner:  Saturday night, 7pm Workshop Cost: Free for GEK or Power Pallet owners, otherwise […]

GEK News: APL’s 5th Anniversary contest, Workshop dates, New Features and Fixes

The Power of 5 | New Fixes and Features | On Site Service | Maker Faire | Woodgas Tesla | Dragon Wagon The Power of 5:  500 gasifiers, by our 5th anniversary This summer marks our 5 year anniversary of exploring the wonders of gasification.  After 5 years of designing and doing, we’re approaching our 500th gasifier sale, and […]

Job Opps in 2013, Open House this Friday, Winter in Minnesota

Job Opportunities at ALL Power Labs  ALL Power Labs is preparing for a year of significant growth in 2013. As of the beginning of 2013, we have over 400 systems out in the world, in over 50 total countries.   Here’s an updated map of where most of them are.  By the end of 2013, we […]

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