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Two products currently in late prototyping: the CharTainer and CharPallet, with projected 250kg and 50kg high-tempertaure, high-quality biochar production per day, are both particularly well-suited to what we hope will become an important networked facet of the growing carbon-removal tech space: Virtual Carbon-Removal Plants (VCP):

Here at APL we recognize that one of the most important benefits of our biomass conversion technology is it’s carbon removal potential, especially with regard to ROI by tapping into the growing and vital carbon-trading frameworks. Our newest systems are focused on maximizing biochar production and quality.

Distributed energy resources are an important part of the new energy landscape, promising greatly improved efficiency and resiliency. APL has staked out a particularly comprehensive sector of this developing renewable environment, straddling distributed electricity and heat, waste processing, and biochar-based carbon removal, not to mention our long standing term goals in building materials and water abundance.

Modern networking technologies are now allowing smart utilities and microgrids to join together to form Virtual Power Plants (VPP) creating unprecedented flexibility in the energy sector. Out Power Pallet and Hybrid Microgrid systems are well-suited to inclusion in these VPP developments. We expect our Carbon Removal technology to help foster development and similar Virtual Carbon Removal Plants.

Use our Contact Form or reach out to our sales department to learn more about the novel opportunities to participate in important climate mitigation via these VCP opportunities using APL technology.

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