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GreenBiz held their annual Verge Climate Tech Event at the San Jose Convention Center. APL has been presenting its equipment at the Verge Expo for the past ten years. We have previously provided the baseload power for their microgrid, but this year we presented our newest product, the CharPallet CP 25.

We have been shifting our focus to the carbon sequestration end of our climate mitigation work, which has always been the core mission of APL. Gasifying waste biomass draws down atmospheric CO2, converting much of it into a stable carbon matrix in biochar. Sequestering this carbon in the soil as an agricultural amendment requires biochar that is free from toxic byproducts and which has high C to H ratio for maximum stability in the soil. This is generally accomplished by high-temperature conversion, which has been a feature of all of APL reactors, but our expertise with gasification has allowed us to design a reactor whose output is optimized not only for exceptionally clean and stable char, but also for the highest possible conversion rates.

Finally ready to release our innovative v3.0 gasifier in a new Combined Heat and Biochar (CHAB) device, we felt that Verge would be an excellent venue to introduce our new product. We are grateful to GreenBiz for their long inclusion of APL in their Verge Expo, the seminal climate event here in the heart of silicon valley.


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