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The Full Solution: PP30 Power Pallet

The Power Pallet is a complete biomass power generation solution that converts dense biomass like wood chips and nut shells into electricity and heat. It is a compact, integrated system – from biomass in, to power out.

The Power Pallet is comprised of the GEK Hot TOTTI multi-stage gasifier, spark fired industrial engine, generator head, and electronic controller. The system automatically adjusts syngas/air mixture via a wide band Bosch oxygen sensor, shakes the grate when needed, and removes ash via a mechanical auger. The Process Control Unit (PCU) monitors and responds to all internal reactor, filter and engine conditions, displaying the results on an LCD screen. The PP30 also comes standard with Grid/Paralleling and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems for very high-efficiency operation.

Power Pallet genheads are configurable to single, split or three phase, at 120/208/240Vac, 60hz or 50hz.

Optional Accessory: Continuous Feed Airlock

To eliminate manual refilling of the hopper, ALL Power Labs is now offering a Continuous Feed Airlock as an option on all Power Pallets. Controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with an array of sensors, this system allows a store of feedstock at ground level to be automatically fed, via a standard agricultural feed transport (not included), into the hopper through an automated gate valve on the hopper lid. The horizontal motion of the linear drive operating the gate valve is converted into a vertical sealing force by an innovative leaf spring system, ensuring an airtight seal and reliable operation.

The custom ECU, using an open-source processor with an APL-designed circuit board, reads data from sensors installed in the hopper and opens the gate valve when the feedstock is low, then signals the motorized feed transport to reload the hopper. Once it detects the hopper is full, the ECU shuts off the feed transport then closes the gate valve. This smart automation also reads gate position and motor-current sensors to assure safe operation for both operators and the Power Pallet. If problems are detected, the ECU will set the Continuous Feed system into various safe and stable modes and trigger alarms to alert the operator.

Upcoming Products:

CP25 CharPallet

The ALL Power Labs CharPallet 25 (CP25) integrates extensive innovations into our third-generation smart, compact, and versatile v3.0 biomass gasifier system which can convert up to 25 kg/hr of waste biomass into biochar, syngas and thermal energy. These developments are in response to increasing demands for reliable biomass processing for the biomass/biofuel research sector, efficient biomass waste disposal, and high-quality biochar for the agronomy and climate/carbon mitigation sectors.

APL’s Smart Tech links device operation & communications with the emerging universe of carbon-trading platforms. The CharPallet integrates our newest developments in control and UI systems, using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) protocols to allow digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) systems to connect directly with carbon-market platforms to generate carbon credits. 

Currently taking reservation deposits for priority delivery.

50 kW Power Pallet 30 Base Container System

This 50 kWe System uses our two of our PP30 for a complete biomass power generation solution that converts woody biomass into electricity.  It is a compact and fully automated system—from biomass in, to electricity and heat out.

The BASE version is basically 2 PP30s units housed within a standard 20 foot shipping container envelope. It will provide twice the power and heat capacity of a single Power Pallet PP30 to up to 50 kW and 100 kWth peak capacity. 

130 kWe Containerized Power Pallet Hybrid Microgrid System

The 130 kWe Hybrid System also provides 100 kWth of thermal energy via the integrated CHP systems from the two PP30s. Also included is a battery storage system and inverter to allow the continuous 50 kW output of the Power Pallets to be combined with an additional 80 kW from the batteries for a combined intermittent output of 130 kWe. This is a complete biomass power generation solution that converts woody biomass into electricity.  It is a compact and fully automated system—from biomass in, to electricity out

CharTainer Pilot

The ALL Power Labs CharTainer is a compact, high-volume, Combined Heat and Biochar (CHAB) pyrolizer system enclosed within a standard 20-foot shipping container. The system is fully automated and complete – from biomass hopper, gasifier-retort, and clean-burning flare with heat exchangers to biochar takeoff – all integrated within the shipping container envelope. The CharTainer uses a scaled-up version of APL’s newest Swirl Hearth architecture previously refined and proven in our PT150 PowerTainer.  The swirl hearth architecture includes technology innovation that widens the range of acceptable feedstock and ensures the quality of biochar produced.

 PowerTainer Beta

ALL Power Labs is developing a 150kW shipping-container-based gasification-genset system. It will have a similar ease of transportation and onsite setup as our 20 kW Power Pallet.

Based on the PowerTainer prototype APL developed in 2012 in partnership with US Dept. of Energy, University of Minnesota, Morris, Cummins Power, and the Diesel Research Lab of U of Minnesota, Twin Cities, the PT150 is expected to be available as a commercial product in late 2021, shown as beta prototype demonstration in 2019.

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