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Gasification PowerExchange Workshop #6:
GEK Building and 10kw Genset Configuration

Gasification Lecture and Demo: Friday, October 23, 7:30-9:30PM
Building and Testing: Saturday and Sundday, October 24-25, 11am – 7pm
Location: ALL Power Labs, 1010 Murray Street. Berkeley, CA
Contact: jim ^at^
Cost: FREE
More Info:

ALL Power Labs is starting a quarterly series of free gasifier workshop weekends to help bring more people to successful operation of small scale gasifiers. These workshops are open to GEK user/owners, as well as anyone with any other type of gasifier- or just a budding interest in the whole thing.  If you have a GEK and want personal instruction in how to run it, or you want to build a GEK with oversight from the mothership, this workshop will be a great opportunity to do either.

The workshop begins with an evening talk and discussion on the science of gasification and a survey of its design and production history. Both beginning and expert reactor assemblies will be presented, with pointers to further reading and current issues and opportunities in the field. Everyone will get a packet with lots of explanatory graphics and core data charts relating to gasification. As you know, we’ve generated a few of these . . .

The main project for our October workshop will be converting a Honda V twin 10kw genset for wood gas operation. This will be a belted unit for lower rpm running, with automated mixing and speed control. This is the genset scenario most of us have agreed on of late as the best option for small scale wood gas systems, and the one which we will soon be making available in conjunction with the basic GEK.

The genset will be somewhat on this scenario:

People can also use the weekend to colonize our shop tools and build their own GEK, or any other biomass thermal conversion device of interest. If you get a Level III GEK kit can weld it together over the weekend. You will get close to done, but not likely all the way (unless you are good). If you get a Level IV kit, you can assemble and run it on site, and learn the ropes before taking it home.

If you bring done gasifier, we can put the probes to it and learn something about what it does, or what your specific fuel produces. We’ll also be demoing the full testing rig that is producing the GEK datalogged runs.  You’ll even be able to consider the meaning of the vials/viles of goo up close and personal!  The picture below is from the “Multi-fuel Run Comparison” Bear recently completely, which compares run performance between walnut shells, wood chips and wood pellets.  See here for the details:

We have limited space for this workshop, so if you want to join us, please RSVP to jim (the at sign)  If you want to fly in from non-local places, know that we do have flat floors and soft couches for camping on site if needed.

I hope to see many of you soon in the belly of the nanny state beast (aka: Berkeley, CA).


8 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I am situated in the UK and interested in your gasifiers. I would like to join your course, I know it is short notice for two weeks time, but do you have any spaces? Also, where is your nearest international airport?
    Best Wishes,
    Ken Packer

    1. Hello Ken,

      Yes you can still come join us for the course in Berkeley. We have two airports in the area to fly into either San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK). For Further help please email us directly at Hopefully you can make it for the course.


  2. I would love to come for this event. I should know soon if it is possible. I would need to get more details to arrange for travel, etc. Thanks!

  3. I wish I could make it, I am interested. If only you had someone that could video tape the workshop and put it on the website or even on ytube, that would be great! Then everyone could benifit from the workshop. Well, hopefully next time I can make it. Good luck with the workshop and have a good time.


  4. Wow,
    I just found out about this workshop today. I am absolutely interested, wondering if you have a date set for the next series of workshops?
    have a great weekend…lightn’ it up!

  5. You guys should have one in colorado. I’ll host at my shop and take care of room and board for the vips.

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