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The BEK (Biochar Experimenter’s Kit) is a reconfiguration of GEK components to create a multi-mode pyrolysis machine for characterized biochar and bio-oil making.  The BEK supports multiple pyrolysis process modes in direct combustion (updraft, TLUD and stratified downdraft), indirect combustion retort, and sweep gas through bed heat transfer.

lat_skid_IMG_6002 nathanielassemblingbeks

A mixer box let’s the user choose between these different modes, or mix them in desired combinations, in real time.  Temperature, residence time, and ramp rate are similarly controlled by the user, with instruments ports and thermocouples provided to monitor the results.

The BEK can be run in either batch or continuous feed mode.  An auger feed brings fuel in from an offset hopper at the top, controlled by a level switch in the reactor.  Char is similarly taken off the bottom via a packing auger that fills a hopper oriented horizontally on the ground along side the BEK.

The BEK ensures clean combustion no matter what the fuel or pyrolysis mode via a swirl burner with propane assist and silicone nitroide “always on” lighting elements.  No more smoking out the neighborhood or country side with your latest biochar test reactor.  The BEK will light up on propane to burn off early pyrolysis gas, self-supports on pyrolysis gas once running, and again uses propane at shut down to prevent the usual smoky end to a run.

The unit  includes a condensing circuit between the reactor and the flare to separate out bio-oil if desired.  The condensing circuit uses a spiral of metal flex pipe and a cyclone to separate the liquids.  This condensing spiral is replaceable with a non-condensing straight pipe which takes all gasses and liquids to the burner for combustion.

Additional technical information, assembly instructions, run instructions, research data and biochar links can be found here in the BEK Wiki.

BEK Reactors and Add-ons

2600 BEK Level IV, ready to assemble – $4,995- TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

2601 BEK Bio-oil condensing circuit – $595- TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Please note- as of 1/11 we have closed the order queue for the BEK. Please check our news blog for an update when we are taking new orders.

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