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songhai APL recently delivered the first of its PP20s to the Songhai Center in Benin. From the Songhai website: “The Centre Songhai is principally involved in agricultural training, research, and production for sustainable livelihood in Africa. Founded… in 1985, the Center has been managed by Africans since then. The Center’s aim is to create the conditions for improving the lives of Africans, the great majority of whom live in rural areas.”

“Centre Songhai is a world leader in innovative development programs, including integrated farming, biomass gasification, microenterprise and IT for rural communities. Father Nzamujo, the 1993 Africa Prize Laureate, is a visionary and an inspiring educator. Songhai has established partnerships and student exchange programs with a number of US universities (Wake Forest, SUNY-Oswego, Colorado State) and has close ties with universities and technical schools across Africa.”

“Songhai’s headquarters are at Porto-Novo in the Republic of Benin. Songhai’s partnership now extends to organizations in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Songhai promotes agricultural entrepreneurship among the youth in Africa. This is done within an environment where appropriate and positive human values are regarded as essential elements. These young africans are trained to become responsible citizens in their communities; socio-economic entrepreneurs, men and women with initiative and creativity, ready and able to meet the social and economic challenges of the future. This means that, in addition to the knowledge and skills our students acquire at the Center, we also train them to develop a strong desire for change and for a better life. Songhai’s training model for human development can be adopted and applied in any part of the world.”

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