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Hybridnet ItalyMassimo Ceroni and Paolo Massarelli lead the team of young engineers who are building a microgrid and alternative energy training center in Italy to help North and Central African refugees learn about sustainable development. Hybridnet plans to leverage European funding to successfully equip these men and women with skills that they can take back to the home countries and deploy. The goal is to help them develop economically and enviornmentally sustainable local enterprise that will allow them to make a living even as they provide an environmentally friendly useful service to their communities.

This microgrid integrates our biomass generators with both solar and wind generation equipment, all coordinated with a special “brain” that monitors and allocates the resources to allow the most effective use of the biomass, wind, and sun power they produce. Particular attention is also being given to the heat generated and it’s possible application in the conservation of food.

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