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GEE ChinaShenzhen Green and Clear World Environmental Engineering Inc (GEE)
Located in the Yantian District, International Creative Harbor, in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, GEE are using their Power Pallet to develop sustainable waste management solutions. They focus on research and development on the processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) especially its conversion into useful power. MSW incineration as an a energy and waste management solution is growing very rapidly in Chinese at pace with their booming economy. Efforts by the Chinese government to meet GHG standards by reducing their dependence on coal as their primary power source have resulted in generous feed in tariffs for MSW power plants. But for these plants to improve air quality and carbon emissions, technological development of MSW power systems is crucial.

RIMG0406GEE’s aim is to integrate their improved MSW gasification power systems seamlessly into the waste streams of large Chinese cities’ existing solid-waste disposal chain. They are working closely with the local jurisdictions charged with monitoring and managing this disposal to develop systems tailored to each areas specific local needs.

RIMG0410We welcome GEE’s development of a catalytic system that promises to improve the gasification process while eliminating toxic emissions to help curb the already serious air pollution crisis many Chinese cities face. As part of the “energy revolution” Chinese president Xi Jinping has endorsed, these aggressive efforts to cut pollution and mitigate climate change are long overdue, and which we at APL hope to help in any way we can.

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