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I spent a long weekend on our website and finally have things a little more caught up with where things actually are on-the-ground around the shop.  You can see the results here:  A sample from the new galleries on the Hot TOTTI and the new Kohler engine form of the “Power Pallet” gasifier-genset skid are copied below.


In the new gallery you will find photo sets covering all GEK versions from the beginning at v0.7 to the v3.5 today.  It is an interesting history to scroll through and note what has changed and what has stayed the same.

The GEK v3.5 galleries now include photo sets to explain what the GEK looks like with the add-ons of the Auger Feed Drying Bucket and/or the PyroCoil IC Exhaust Gas Heat Exchnager.  The combination of these two things makes the Hot TOTTI (Tower of Total Thermal Integration), a point which often confuses newcomers.

There are also separate new sets for the  Honda engine version of the gasifier-genset, as well as the new Kohler engine based one.  More info on the gasifier-genset skid and other packages above is now findable in the similarly redone GEK Store:

And Shhhh . . . don’t tell anyone . . . but . . .

New orders as of March 15, 2010 will receive the new and more fancy GEK v4.0.  The v4.0 is what we’re actually making now making in the shop, thus the v3.5 galleries are already out of date.  Well not completely, as the transition to the v4 has been going on now for months in stages.  We’ve been doing it in smaller steps this time so as to avoid a repeat of the long pause and reorg we had between v2 and v3.  The major changes already made and shipped have been:

– increase reactor inside diameter from 10″ to 11″, with similarly increased nozzle ring size
– full double cone hearth in stainless with thermocouple port at constriction
– larger packed bed filter/scrubber in open top 16 gal drum
– increase gas cowling diameter from 14.75 to 15″ for more insulation room and standardizing all vessels on nice integer inch numbers

the last changes that finish the v4 are:
– change out rotary grate for a side shake grate, including a large side access port to grate and ash bin
– cyclone upgrades to include angled entry and neutral spiral vane for improved separation.
– internal vessel tapers for improved fuel flow and decreased bridging (interesting reports on this starting to post in the forum)
– cnc laser cut silicone gasket set for all flanges

there are many other details that continue to be refined for these new v4 deliveries, but the above are the major new features.  these bring the GEK to a much more mature and proven machine that we can more formally guarantee performance particulars and combine with an engine-genset for regular and predicatable operation.  we are very happy with the current state of the machine, and the many details of configuration and performance enabled by the recent improvements.


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  1. Looking for your products, I really want to know if it comes out energy from wood, I am from GREECE and I would love to work

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