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We’re hiring, again!

APL continues a major round of hiring to fill key management and operational positions in our Berkeley, California headquarters. This is a reflection of our significant growth, new overseas operations, and new products in the pipeline.

After filling a few Director positions ( see profiles to right ), we’re now focusing on filling another key role: Chief Financial Officer. There are also a few other open positions still available–see descriptions via the links below.

We invite you to be part of a transformative proposition. We are creating a new category of energy device–one that generates affordable, on demand, renewable energy from local byproducts, at the scale of the individual user. The Power Pallet represents a heretofore not seen combination of form factor and functionality that promises to have non-trivial impacts to the existing petroleum based energy economy.

Applicants should be excited about working in an ambitious and quickly growing company.  We are a global company, working with a dynamic and collaborative culture, over a famously difficult problem (biomass

gasification).  It is not boring.

Feel free to share the below job descriptions with your networks. Unique candidates will be noticed and engaged.  Women in particular are encouraged to apply, especially in engineering.

-Jim Mason
ALL Power Labs

1) Chief Financial Officer
Lead and manage financial strategies and execution. Details here.

2) Director of Automation and Control Systems
Lead the design and development of our onboard expert system.  Expert
abilities needed in both hardware and software systems Details here.

3) Mechanical Engineer
Hands-on design of mechanical and thermal components across all aspects of our product line.  Early, mid, and senior capabilities are all needed. Details here.

4) Manufacturing Engineer
Transform design and engineering solutions into manufacturable products and related processes.  Heavy information management and vender relations. Details here.

5) Global Sales Specialist, Central and South America.
Develop and manage one of our fastest growing regions. Spanish  language skills a must. Portugese helpful too. Experience in local markets required. Details here.



Meet Our New Staff:

Ben Compton
Director of Product Support


Ben (r) with the rest of the Product Support Department (l-r): Brian Normanly, Austin Liu, Richard Scott, and Jay Hasty.

Ben recently took over the Product Support department, giving us much needed depth on our bench as well as the benefit of his long career in renewable enegy. Ben brings to the table almost 15 years of experience with many of the leading companies in clean energy, including Powerlight/SunPower, Suntech, and meteocontrol.

Ben’s got the stamina and focus to get the job done–just last month he completed the grueling 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run of the Boulder Ironman race.

Johnny Mascolo
Director of Product Development


Johnny has been working as an industrial designer/engineer and manager for the past 14+ yrs, mostly solar PV systems but also motorcycle design, medical and consumer products. Along the way, he’s picked up 26 patents.
At APL, he’s going to put his considerable talents to work making our products easier to use, more intuitive, and more reliable. He’s also spiffing up our somewhat scruffy image, adding a European flare–in his spare time he likes to race cars and play polo.

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