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In 2008 ALL Power Labs introduced the Gasifier Experimenter’s Kit, bringing small-scale gasification to the home tinkerer and lab-scale researcher, providing a gasifier that runs common home generators and small vehicles.

In 2010 we introduced the Power Pallet, a complete integrated power system scaled to the common real-world platform of the 4×4 cargo pallet.   It filled the 10kW-20kW niche in the world of biomass gasification.

The natural arc of our development is that we scale our next product to another common vessel, the shipping container.  ALL Power Labs has received the first 100 kilowatt diesel generator that we are are integrating into a shipping container in order to offer a 100kW GEK Power System.  Our clients are the University of Minnesota Morris and the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in cooperation with Cummins Power Generation operating under a DOE grant from the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).  The purpose of this project is twofold:

1) Develop a relevant shipping-container based biomass gasification unit for the U.S. Agricultural market

2) Provide a gasifier mated to a modern diesel engine with precise ignition control in order to experiment with the unique combustion characteristics of syngas.

This unit will include a CHP component.

We have received the 100kW diesel generator that we will be using in our first 100kW GEK.  You may follow the construction and design of this unit here on the GEK website.

2 Responses

  1. Dear Jim and proud GEK Power Pallet team,
    Great job doen by you all.
    Can you send me more details about the engine details,set performance and its suitabilty for india along with type of fuel and its specs, qty needed for 24 hris x 365 days toexplre for operation in rural elctrification program in india.
    with best regards,

  2. Very promising that you started working on a larger scale biomass generator

    For the gasifier part I suggest you implement a redundant system with multiple (two or three) smaller gasifiers in parallel and a buffer storage tank for the gases

    this way

    A) electricity generation could be decoupled from gas production and engine could be serviced without stopping the gasifiers

    B) scheduled maintenace of gasifier units could take place with less and shorter interruptions of service (electricity production)

    C) maintenance and cleaning of smaller and lighter parts would require less staff and equipment

    Finally you should include in the desing a “plug” (output pipe for hot air or liquid) for heat to be used for pre-drying the biomass. In Italy disposing Green Park Waste is a big item on the municpality budget … this 100kW GEK could turn a problem into a resource.

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