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Below is the list of everyone we have RSVP’ed for the gasifier workshop this weekend. If you are on the list and will not be joining us, please tell us so we can make your space available to someone else. If you know of someone we’ve missed and they’re expecting to join us, please tell so we can make a space for them. However, no new RSVP’s- we’ve overfull already. We’ll do it again in the spring.

As you can see from the list, the weekend has grown a bit larger than originally expected. We now have 43 people attending. Over half of these are flying in from out of town. The weekend will not be carbon negative. Nonetheless, we expect it will be highly rewarding. We’re excited to have all of you here and reveal the not so secret “secrets” that make all of this work . . .

We’ve put together 4 parallel projects or tracks for the weekend. It is difficult for 43 people to stand around the same thing at the same time, so we’re going to have 4 separate things going on simultaneously all weekend, between which you can wander, ponder and participate. Here’s the projects, with the person(s) who will lead them:

1. GEK Assembly and 10kw Genset Configuration: Jim Mason and Alec Plauche
2. GEK Instrumentation Method with a Datalogged Test Run: Bear Kaufmann and Michael Shiloh
3. GEK Manufacturing and Fabrication: Abram Yocum, Nick Binbeutel and Johnny
4. GEK Variations, Add-ons and Customizations: Jay Hasty

The Intro lecture is Friday night, October 23, 7:30-9:30PM. The project days are Saturday and Sunday, October 24-25, 11am – 7pm. Wear work clothes and expect dirt under your fingernails.

The Shipyard / ALL Power Labs is located at 1010 Murray Street in Berkeley, CA. This is near the intersection of Ashby and San Pablo, next to Urban Ore. The closest BART station is the Ashby stop. It is a 1.5 mile walk from the BART station, or you can take a taxi.

And finally, here’s the current list of attendees.

Jimmie Martin Reno, NV
Mike Cox Morgan Hill, CA
Len Morris Indiana
Phil Stoll Indiana
Larry Sayler Auburn, CA
David Dill Orinda, CA
Scott Garrision Oakland
Chasterus Oakland
Jim Laine New Jersey
Brian MIller Pennsylvania
Deanna Miller Pennsylvania
Yoav Palatnik New York
Phil Heymann Oakland
Randy Ury Maine
Matt Alexander Oakland
Wayne Wickizer Utah
Antonio Oliveira Aston University, UK
Jay + 1 Placerville, CA
Thaddeus Koster Washington state
John Roop Santa Cruz
Rolf Berkeley
Heidi Berkeley
Ken Packer UK
Dan Christensen Arizona
Richard Bunger Arizona
Wade Graves Canada
Steve Adler Rhode Island
Dale Posner SF
Larry, with Dale SF
Nick Campbell Iowa
Kristan Cavett Iowa
Vern Hammer Minnesota
Jason Poteet Stockton
Kenny Bent Pahrump, NV
Ephram Ethiopia
Scott Yates +1 San Rafael
Dan Zurcher Fresno

The original announcement and info for the workshop is here:

See some of you soon.


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