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Dear Friends and Supporters,

After six years of solid growth, funded almost entirely by sales, ALL Power Labs is now accepting interest from accredited investors to participate in a $5 million Series A equity round. The proceeds will be used to build our team and capacity, as we grow to an expected doubling of sales this year, along with the planned expansion of our product line into three exciting new areas. We will do this expansion and growth while also focusing on making our core Power Pallet easier to use.  We will of course also appreciate strategic guidance and insight from our investment partners.

We have always been a very open project, and this part of the endeavor should be no different. Thus we’re sharing this bit of news publicly here, as well as via the normal route that happens in the Bay Area. We  have already received interest for a little less than half, and expect to close this round within the next few months. 

Please note, however, as should be clear from our work to date: we are in this for the long haul. We’re working to build a meaningful endeavor that will be around for our children to see. This isn’t an app company, we’re not hoping to do a 10x IPO exit in the next 18 months. Hacking the global energy markets through a mash up of the planet’s largest systems of energy production ( photosynthesis) and application ( internal combustion ) won’t happen over night. But, done properly, it will have profoundly broad and substantive impact. That’s what we’re in this to do.

If this work is of interest and you genuinely want to explore becoming a part of it ( no tire kickers, please–we’re busy enough as is ), send a note expressing same, and a little bit about your background and/or previous investment efforts, so that we can get a feel for your take on things.

Note that we are not publicly traded and so can’t sell individual shares ( but thanks for the vote of confidence, from those who have been asking!)  Also understand that recent media attention is creating a bit of a furry.   We’ll follow up as soon as we’re able.  Send your note to; he’ll organize them and then either he or Jim Mason will contact you to continue the conversation.

Many thanks for your interest, and support.

-ALL Power Labs



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