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Ben Shell, Limyè Pa w, Tuffet, Haiti - Courtesy Carrie Kahn, NPR
Ben Shell, Limyè Pa w, Tuffet, Haiti – Courtesy Carrie Kahn, NPR

Replacing diesel gensets with a biomass-gasifier-based gensets can substantially reduce costs and climate impact. Able to support loads from 5-25 kW, a Power Pallet can be an ideal choice for a micro or mini-grid supplying power to a set of smaller load commercial customers. They can also support renewable commercial operations where higher on-demand loads are required that are more cost effective than wind or solar, such as for desalinization plants, commercial refrigeration, or resorts.

Click on the images below to learn more about APL projects that are being used in commercial applications:

Verge Conference Microgrid, San Jose, California – September 2022

All Power Labs provided a Power Pallet PP30 to be included in the microgrid that powered to the exhibition floor for the 2022 Verge Climate Tech event. GreenBiz has used 100% renewable energy to help power their Verge events since 2013, when they first began using a microgrid to supply the power for the main stages and exhibit booths at their conference. APL provided a v.4 PP20 to supply the power for that first Verge microgrid, and again for 2022, our staff teamed up with a number of the other great renewable energy companies to build the temporary microgrid that powers the event. We ran our most advanced PP30 to provide the base load along with portable PV arrays, battery storage, and a state of the art microgrid control system.

University of Parma Aerial Photo

Siram, Parma, Italy – November 2019

APL provided a new PP30 to the Siram Group. Siram S.P.A. provides energy management services. The company offers utilities and industrial fluids management, operation of urban heating, and air-conditioning networks. Siram serves customers throughout Italy. Their expertise in heating and cooling makes their integration of a PP30 with its standard Combined Heat and Power system a particularly good match. We look forward to their help in deploying APL systems within the feed-in tariff markets in Europe.

Ambermacs, Mpumulanga, South Africa – October 2019

Ambermacs added one of our upgraded PP30s to their nut-processing facility. Its heat and power they will be using to support their privately-owned macadamia processing plant situated in the heart of South Africa’s largest macadamia growing region. Their factory dries, processes, packs, and supplies raw macadamia kernels for international export to customers in the UK, Europe, and North America.

3 men looking at PP30 at Ecostage Tokyo

Ecostage, Tokyo, Japan – October 2019

APL provided a new PP30 to Ecostage. Ecostage believes the earth where we live is irreplaceable, and that they have an obligation to contribute to the global environment as a responsibility to future generations. Their work with alternative energy deployment is welcome and important, and APL is proud to help them build the biomass component of their environmental efforts.

Water container at Verge conference

Hertz Ranch, Malibu, California, USA – January 2019

As Part of our partnership with the Skysource/Skywater Alliance, the prototype WEDEW Atmospheric Water Distiller, powered by a PP30, was installed at David Hertz and Laura Doss-Hertz’s ranch in Malibu, California. Ongoing development, following our winning of the Water Abundance XPrize, is aimed at producing portable units able to be deployed at disaster sites worldwide.

PP20 setup

PT Yudistira, Jakarta, Indonesia – March 2017

Yudistira is committed to projects and developments which contribute to a sustainable environment and society. Begun as an engineering and construction company, they have become one of Indonesia’s most renowned energy sector investors. We applaud their goal of meeting the demands of clean and sustainable energy, while still maintaining their core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, employee welfare, and performance excellence, and hope our equipment helps them achieve these goals.

Hybridnet Italy

Hybridnet Project, Terni, Italy – Aug. 2015

The Hybridnet Project has assembled a team of young engineers devoted to building an alternative energy training center where they can help North and Central African refugees learn about sustainable development. The goal is to for them to create economically and environmentally sustainable local enterprises in their home countries, allowing them to make a living while providing a useful and environmentally friendly service to their communities. This goal matches well with APL’s mission, and we want to help them succeed in any way we can.

Ben Shell with PP20 in Haiti

Limyè Pa w, Tuffet, Haiti – Feb. 2015

Operating as a socially committed private enterprise, Limyè Pa w has been making and distributing renewable, low-carbon power in Haiti since the beginning of 2015. Running their upgraded v5 PP20 on plentiful local corncobs, they currently operate 10 hours a day, six days a week, serving dozens of rural households. In Haitian Creole, Limyè Pa w translates to ‘Your Light’ – a reference not only to light as one of the most important uses of electricity, but also how their service can lead to many more powerful benefits for their customers’ families and communities. Working in Haiti since 2013, they launched their rural electrification pilot early 2015 using Lumeter mini-grid meters to monitor and bill for customer usage. They have also installed an LPG dual-fuel system to allow increased grid uptime and reliability.

Green Island, Philippines

SURE Green Island, Palawan, Philippines – Feb. 2014

Our PP20 Power Pallet was Installed in Green Island, a small village island located about 14 kilometers off the coast of Roxas, Palawan, in the Philippines. The project is being developed by Solutions Using Renewable Energy (SURE) who are building a microgrid system tying a 2.5 kW solar array and a 5 kW wind turbine to our 20 kW Power Pallet. This grid is supplying power not only provide light and amenities to the village with its rural fishing and farming collective, but the PP20, running on locally abundant coconut shells is critical to the plan by supplying the high power loads that are needed to run a desalinization plant for their local brackish water supply, as well as an ice plant that will allow local fisherman to preserve their catch during the long and formerly impossible trip to more lucrative markets on other islands.

Chelinda Lodge

Chelinda Lodge, Nyika Plateau, Malawi – Nov. 2013

Our PP20 was Installed at Chelinda Lodge, a remote eco-lodge. Like so many eco-resorts, Chelinda faces enormous costs getting diesel to their remote location above Nyika ridge in the center of the largest national park in Malawi. With electricity costing over $.50 kWH, and a location adjacent to a large pine plantation that is being cut to restore the endemic grassland ecosystem, a bioenergy solution like a Power Pallet was the sensible choice for their site. The Power Pallet not only displaces dirty fossil fuel power and helps deal with their waste management, but its ample and affordable on-demand electricity sustains the more comfortable lifestyle eco-tourists prefer, insuring that these sorts of sustainable projects can continue to help Africa develop both economically and ecologically.

Turkana Basin Institute

Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya – Mar. 2012

A PP10 was installed at the Turkana Basin Institute, Richard Leakey’s remote archeological field station in northern Kenya, the energy from a 10kW Power Pallet is intended to offset their high diesel fuel costs. A world class research facility, centered in an area with some of the most extensive deposits of remains of ancient human predecessors, Turkana provides support for researchers from all over the world. APL looks forward to helping them upgrade to one of our more advanced PP20 to assist them in continuing their important work.

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