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Village Hub, Suliwesi, Indonesia – Apr. 2012

The Masarang Foundation Integrated a PP10 Power Pallet into their sustainable Village Hub system for palm sugar harvesting on the Island of Suliwesi in Indonesia. This pilot project is located next to a palm sugar factory which uses waste geothermal heat from a 35 MW geothermal plant to dry and prepare palm sugar. This sugar is prepared from the sap of the Arenga Palm which can be processed into sugar and ethanol. The Arenga palm can grow on poor soils, allowing deforested areas to be reforested, acting as a nurse tree to re-introduce more diverse species. The Village Hub concept is to……

Masarang Foundation, Indonesia – January 2020

The Masarang Foundation is committed to finding solutions for the most urgent global problems of our time: deforestation, biodiversity loss, climate change, poverty, and underdevelopment. They have been an early adopter of APL technology which they have deployed to sites where power is needed to support their biodiversity activities. Two PP20s were recently commissioned in Indonesia where they will be using biomass waste from their reforestation projects as feedstock for the units. …

CICY, Yucatan, Mexico – Dec 2017

The Center for Scientific Research of Yucatán (CICY) has installed a PP20 Power Pallet at the campus in Merida, Yucatan. CICY is a public Research Center of the CONACYT (Mexican National Council of Science and Technology) focused on conducting basic and applied research to develop and transfer technology that promotes the development of a society in harmony with the environment. CICY has a strong focus on climate change due to the Yucatan’s extensive forests and abundant resources that can be used for bioenergy, such as wastes from the agri-food industry. Part of the CICY’s mission is to become a key……

University of Costa Rica – November 2019

APL provided a PP30 to the University of Costa Rica. The School of Agronomy is committed to carrying out scientific and technological research in agriculture, contributing to the development of society, and that promotes transformations needed for the future health and success of the environment and society. We are hopeful that their use and study of APL equipment can help them further these goals….

Sierra Resource Conservation District, June 2019

APL provided a PP20 to the Sierra Resource Conservation District (SRCD), the entity responsible for managing and protecting more than 3000 square miles of forest and foothills in the Sierra Nevada and Central Valley. SRCD operates the gasifier in wooded areas that have experienced wildland fire and insect infestations to demonstrate the PP20’s capacity to reduce forest fuel loads and wildfire risk while sequestering carbon and generating on-demand electricity. These activities are part of SRCD’s recently launched Carbon Management Program that aims to understand and manage the carbon cycle for both ecological and economic benefit. APL and SRDC were awarded……

Kwendin, Liberia – December 2016

APL is expanding our project at BWI in Kakata, Liberia to the nearby village of Kwendin. Vincent Igboeli, our amazing Operations Manager from BWI, along with his Biomass Brothers are using the expertise they have developed in that last two years running the BWI Renewable Energy Center to oversee the development of another biomass-powered microgrid in Kwendin. Like Kakata, Kwendin has no access to any grid power, and is located in the heart of the extensive Liberian rubber tree plantation. Kwendin is a village with a population of about 2000, and are in the process of building a comprehensive microgrid……

Chelinda Lodge, Malawi, East Africa

Located in the middle of the Malawi’s Nyika National Park at an altitude of over 7500 feet on the Nyika Plateau, the Chelinda Lodge is a remote eco and game resort. Serviced only by aircraft and almost 50 miles of tortuous backroads. This elevates the cost of diesel to power their generators resulting in electricity costs of over $.50 cents USD per kilowatt hour, and promising to do nothing by go even higher. This meant they could only afford to run their generator four hours a day on diesel. But working in partnership with the group Total Land Care and……

Booker Washington Institute, Kakata, Liberia

BWI’s Renewable Energy Center in Kakata, Liberia is doing daily runs of three PP20’s to supply a large portion of their campus with power. Planning to begin a commercial mini grid project, BWI REC hopes to begin selling power at affordable rates to a even larger service area adjacent to the campus, and hopes to become self sustaining. Too remote to be included in the unreliable national power grid, BWI has had to use expensive diesel power in their attempt to reboot their institution after its devastation during the recent civil wars. But Liberia is coming back. Kakata was at the center of the……

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