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GEKs Around The World

Welcome to the GEK User pages.  Here you’ll find customer profiles, photos, videos and run reports from all corners of the globe. Check out the map of GEKs around the world. The installations range from R&D test beds to regular use installations for electricity generation, heating and shaft power.  Reports range from hand waving to hard science […]

GEKs for Education

Over 40 University research and education groups are using the GEK Gasifier in their courses and conducting high level research Their research and publications go on to further our knowledge base about the science of gasification while educating the next generation of gasification experts. From highschool students to PhD students, we’ve supported professors to develop a variety […]

GEKs for DIY Projects, Experimenters, and Inventors

From backyard tinkering to larger development and integration, the scope of projects with the GEK as a modular platform is quite large. With some elbow grease and intuition of mechanical and electrical systems, GEK customers have impressed us with everything from wood gas vehicle conversions, mobile platforms, automation and control, CHP and heating systems, reactor […]

GEKs for Sustainable Homesteads and Communities

A host of GEKs get sent to the corners of the world to service self-reliant folks and communities with efficient heat and electrical production from local waste feed stocks. The automated PowerPallet will host off-grid electrical right out of the box, while our grid-tie systems will be coming out soon. Withsome knowledge about electrical systems, […]

GEKs for Companies Small and Large

GEKs go to work for many different types of companies. Jobs for the GEK include making use of waste feed stocks on the farm (agricultural residue), wood working operations (saw mills, wood shop lathings, slash), green advocacy groups and programs (demos and education), zoos and animal husbandry (animal waste combined with bedding material), research companies (providing […]

The APL Network and Other Biomass Projects

The community branches out farther than just the GEK systems. Other projects include the Biochar Experimenters Kit (BEK), the 100kW Powertainer, full automation and control with the Process Control Board (PCU). We’ve supported collaborators and independents in system design and integration, experimental reactor designs, energy consulting and market implementation strategy. A network of trained GEK and gasifiation systems […]

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