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New v5.0 Gasifier insides revealed. Live webcast Thursday, Jan 16th

  Topics in this GEKnews:1) Live V5 Gasifier webcast set for this Thursday on Asia, Europe, and Africa time.2) Details of what’s going on inside the new reactor.3) Final ten days of discounted sales on new Power Pallets. 1) Live webcast this week for Asia, Europe, and Africa:  v5.0 Dissection and Explanation.   Last week’s webcast […]

Job Opps: 1. Senior Mechanical/Thermal Engineer. 2. Assembly Tech

  Hiring is continuing at ALL Power Labs.   We again try to prioritize hiring from within the GEK community, so do encourage you to apply for these positions.  Even if the current ones aren’t a direct fit with you and your talents -but other situations would be- tell us of your interest and we’ll keep you […]

Survey of your thoughts? Italy hosts first AR demo to an overflow crowd

Survey of your thoughts?   Given the new year, we thought it a good time to get some general feedback about how we’re doing and how we might do better.  In particular, we’re interested in your assessment of our products and your pro/con deliberations about whether you’d like to get one, whether through buying or […]

Job Opps in 2013, Open House this Friday, Winter in Minnesota

Job Opportunities at ALL Power Labs  ALL Power Labs is preparing for a year of significant growth in 2013. As of the beginning of 2013, we have over 400 systems out in the world, in over 50 total countries.   Here’s an updated map of where most of them are.  By the end of 2013, we […]

Job Announcement: Customer Service and Sales Support Manager

  Job title: Customer Service and Sales Support ManagerDepartment: SalesReports to: Director of SalesStatus: SalariedDownload Announcement  ALL Power Labs is looking for a customer service expert to create and manage the next stage of all our customer facing activities.  This is a newly created position which previously has been patched onto the sides of other positions. The time has […]

APL in the Field: Powertainer install at UNM Morris

Bear Kaufmann, Jeff Tiedeken and Jim Mason are at University of Minnesota, Morris this week installing the Powertainer and setting it up for its initial runs onsite.  This has been a long haul, and we’re very happy to finally have it here and soon begin pumping biomass power back into the grid.  A big thank […]

GEKs for Sustainable Homesteads and Communities

A host of GEKs get sent to the corners of the world to service self-reliant folks and communities with efficient heat and electrical production from local waste feed stocks. The automated PowerPallet will host off-grid electrical right out of the box, while our grid-tie systems will be coming out soon. Withsome knowledge about electrical systems, […]

GEKs for Companies Small and Large

GEKs go to work for many different types of companies. Jobs for the GEK include making use of waste feed stocks on the farm (agricultural residue), wood working operations (saw mills, wood shop lathings, slash), green advocacy groups and programs (demos and education), zoos and animal husbandry (animal waste combined with bedding material), research companies (providing […]

The APL Network and Other Biomass Projects

The community branches out farther than just the GEK systems. Other projects include the Biochar Experimenters Kit (BEK), the 100kW Powertainer, full automation and control with the Process Control Board (PCU). We’ve supported collaborators and independents in system design and integration, experimental reactor designs, energy consulting and market implementation strategy. A network of trained GEK and gasifiation systems […]

Gasification Workshop Weekend: March 30 – April 1, 2012 Berkeley, CA

Gasification PowerExchange Workshop #11: March 30 – April 1 2012 Gasifier Power System Showcase: 10kw, 20kw & 100kw, GEK building and running, More Lister spark conversion Gasification Lecture and Demo: Friday, March 30, 7:30-9:30PM Building, Running and  and Testing: Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and April 1, 11am – 7pm Location: ALL Power Labs, 1010 Murray […]

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