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A Perspective on Terra Preta and Biochar

The Modern Discovery of Terra Preta, and a Brief Modern History of Biochar In the Amazon Basin, there exists thousands of hectares of cultivated plots consisting of unusually fertile black soil, termed Terra Preta de Indio — “dark earth of the Indians” — called Terra Preta for short. These soils are many hundreds if not thousands of years old, and have remained remarkably fertile in spite of the tropical rainfall, which accelerates the weathering of soil and the leaching of water soluble nutrients. Modern scientific interest in this material began with a Dutch scientist named Wim Sombroek, whose book Amazon Soils, published in 1966, began the……

Biochar and Bioenergy 2019, Fort Collins CO

APL team member Austin Liu at our Biochar & Bioenergy 2019 booth All Power Labs recently attended the Biochar & Bioenergy 2019 conference held in Fort Collins, Colorado from July 1–3. Our CEO, Jim Mason, as well as biochar experts Austin Liu and Aidin Massoumi were on hand, to promote our distributed-scale biomass gasifiers, share our work with SkyCarbon Biochar and the Local Carbon Network waste-to-climate products initiative, and soak up the latest knowledge from academics, producers and practitioners in the global biochar community. The event was hosted by the US Biochar Initiative (USBI) and featured presentations, panel discussions and……

Leave a Positive Trace: Permaculture Action Day with Burning Man

On Saturday, June 22, the Local Carbon Network joined Burners without Borders, the Permaculture Action Network, and nearly 400 participants for an all-day event at Hoover Elementary School in Oakland, CA, featuring live music, arts, food and hands-on projects to improve the school’s garden and outdoor classroom. The activity was part of the ‘Leave a […]

IBI Newsletter: June 2019

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) is a great source for information on research and the development of biochar businesses and industry. We will be linking to their newsletters here in our News Blog posts going forward. They recently did testing and certified our Local Carbon Network SkyCarbon biochar, the results of this analysis are shown […]

Co-composting with Biochar for Agronomic & Climate Benefit

Friday, March 8th, 5-7pmFREE!  But please RSVP here  Our monthly Open House events continue this Friday with a talk and demonstration of the agronomic and climate benefits of co-composting with biochar.  We’re convinced we’ve stumbled across a highly significant optimization for biochar usage and deployment with this co-composting scenario.  The solution is uniquely high performance in […]

Local Carbon Network: Terni, Umbria- Italy launch

Kickstarter Crowdfund in process.  Join us for a 10 day learning holiday on a rural Italian farm,with Power Pallet, biochar, and composting (and all the other Italian provincial pleasures).  This is the Valle Santa / Reiti Valley, where the APL New Farms Labs is located.  We’ve been running machinery at this site for about four years now, and […]

APL monthly Open House continues this Friday

We’ve restarted our monthly Open House events at All Power Labs.  Now that we’ve launched the new PP30 Cogen-CS, and the Local Carbon Network is up and running, we have new reasons to gather the interested at our facility in Berkeley CA.  This month we’re having the event this Friday, Sept 14th, from 5-7pm The […]

APL Monthly Open House

We’re restarting our monthly Open House events at All Power Labs.  Now that we have the new PP30 Cogen-CS launched, and Local Carbon Network up and running, we have new reasons to gather the interested at our facility in Berkeley CA.  This month we’re having the event this week Friday, August 17th, from 7-9pm.  Future […]

PP30 Launch event at APL this Friday!

June 29th, 5-7PM, Berkeley California We look forward to seeing many of you at our new product Launch Party later this week.  We have 60 people RSVPed so far, which is approaching the attendenance levels for our full workshop weekends of years ago– which is great.  We also have some surprisingly dedicated international travellers coming for the event.  We’re of course […]

The New PP30 Cogen-CS

Combined Heat and Power with built-in Carbon Sequestration (CHP-CS) All Power Labs invites you to join us for a special Launch Party on Friday, June 29th in Berkeley, CA where we will debut the new Gen 2 Power Pallet.  The event will be a formal presentation by APL Founder/CEO Jim Mason on the new concepts and features […]

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